Getting Started

Do the following in your Channel Manager:

Create an API key

Go to (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT ACCESS and enter your password.

Scroll to your API Key 1 (you can use API Key 2 or 3 or 4 if API Key 1 is not available):

  1. Add an API Key of 16 Characters of your choice. (This will be your password for the Application)
  2. Add IP in your IP Whitelist field
  3. Select allow whitelist IP only from API Key Access Dropdown
  4. Save

Property Key

Go to (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > ACCESS and add a 16 character Property Key of your choice for every property you have in your account.


See the Video on how to create correctly your APIKey and your Property Key.

Download the App:

All you need is to download the App from the stores.

APP Login Page

Add your Channel Manager account Username.

Add the API Key to the Password field of the App.

Three steps and you’re done!

What you can do with the application…

Book multiple units

Create Group bookings through the App.

See your bookings

You will be able to see your bookings into the calendar.

Cancel a booking

If a guest calls you to cancel a booking and you are away from the office, then you will be able through the app to open availability when it is needed.

Edit a booking

You will be able to edit your bookings. Change dates, add one more night or set it as request.

Talk to your guests

Read and send messages from your guests from and Airbnb.

See the Video for instructions


I forgot to add the Property Key to one of my properties and now it doesn´t show in the application correct:

Add the Property key for this property and save.

Close completely the App and open it again.

I have many Daily Prices but the Application only shows one:

The Application will show only your Standard price

The calendar is not automatically updated.

The calendar is updated 2 to 3 times a day. However, when someone tries to create a reservation the application will request real time availability from the Channel Manager.

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